Benefits of Renewable Energy we Should be Thankful For

Renewable is also Referred to as Clean Energy or Green Energy

Renewable energy is energy that we get from sources that are not subject to depletion. The three most common examples of renewable or inexhaustible energy are solar energy, wind power, and hydropower. Some other examples are geothermal power, biomass, and tidal power. Renewable is also referred to as clean energy or green energy as it is environment-friendly. This article is about the advantages of increasing our dependence on renewable sources of energy.

Here are some advantages of the renewable sources of energy that we need to acknowledge:

  • Safe and abundant- The best part about renewable energy is that it is inexhaustible. The sun, for example, gives plenty of sunlight every single day to the earth to be converted into energy.
  • Reduction in the emission of greenhouse gases- Renewable sources of energy can help us lessen the amount of emission of greenhouse gases into the environment. They use the power of sun, wind, water and other natural resources for the production of energy.
  • Diversification of energy supply- One of the benefits of renewable energy is diversification of energy supply. This means that we have several sources of renewable energy. So, they can diversify the supply of clean energy and thus, decrease our dependence of the foreign oil companies. Hydropower, for instance, is a fantastic source of generating domestic power in several places that have rivers and dams. Again, we have geothermal energy that we can utilize throughout the year, making it reliable and renewable.
  • It is not a fuel but a technology- We need to mine and refine coal for making it useful. Natural resources have created fossil fuels, but technological advancements have created renewable energies. So, it is bound to get better with time.
  • Improvement in public health- There is no denying that as our dependence on fossil fuels will decrease and our dependence on green energy sources will increase, the environment will be less polluted. So, public health will definitely improve.
  • Creation of job opportunities- When compared to non-renewable energy, renewable energy requires more labor in its production. So, it can create more job opportunities in the future. As per research, thousands of persons are already working for the companies that deal with the production of renewable energy.
  • Save of money- Among the most important benefits of renewable energy, low cost is one major advantage. Though renewable energy is expensive at the time of its installation, once it is complete, the maintenance charge is nothing compared to the energy produced by burning fossil fuels. This is also going to reduce your monthly electric bill.

We all know that when we burn fossil fuels to produce electricity, it results in the emission of carbon dioxide, a greenhouse gas that is responsible for causing global warming. Moreover, fossil fuels are limited and soon we’ll be left with no other option but to rely only on renewable energy sources. It is the time that we understand the harmful effects of non-renewable energy on the environment and commence using renewable energy so that all of us can live a better and healthier life.

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