Change in climate affects not only human health but also personalities

Climate and weather have always influenced human health. This is because it is the environment that supplies us clean air, water, food, security, shelter and climatic changes, changes in weather conditions affect our environment. Climate variations, coupled with other natural causes threatens the health conditions of human beings in ways more than one.
Keeping in mind the fact that impacts of changes in climate are going to multiply in the years to come, it is likely that health threats will be more with the emergence of new threats to health.
But, besides influencing people’s health, people’s behavior and personalities are also influenced to a certain extent by weather and climate. Certain weather conditions do affect or moods for a temporary period. For example, when it is colder, people are likely to feel less active and energetic to go to work. Now, if this continues for a long time, people can become more withdrawn and introvert with time. Sunlight has been found as a chief source of optimism and it has positive effects on the functioning of human memory. So, the same weather can indirectly influence your personality as well by forcing you to experience emotional ups and downs consistently.
It is true that people’s personality is affected by the environment in which they reside. Research work has revealed that several aspects of human personality change from a particular geographical location to another one. However, the reasons behind these differences in personality are yet to be fathomed.
One possible answer to this question is temperature. The research works conducted by a social and cultural psychologist in Beijing, Lei Wang, has revealed the same. Temperature is one such factor that varies hugely around the globe. This factor is likely to influence people’s personality by influencing their habits. For example, temperature plays a key role in deciding whether people of a particular place like interacting with neighbors, exploring the locality, experimenting with new things and participating in outdoor work collectively, like farming.
It has been found out that people growing up in places with milder, moderate temperatures generally tend to be conscientious, more agreeable, extrovert, emotionally more stable and eager to experience new things. These things are true not only for inhabitants of all countries but also for people of both genders, of various age groups and having different income. Similarly, mild temperatures have positive effects on a person’s personality. This is because mild temperatures encourage social behavior, interactions and inclination towards group activities.
This definitely does not mean that climate is the only important factor determining our personality. By actively and intelligently using money and property, humans are capable of and are actually creating their own destiny and identity in harsher climatic conditions.
So, more research needs to be done in order to learn in detail about the potential outcomes of temperature variations on our personality. We may conclude by saying that as changes in climate continue to increase in the world, we may notice changes in personality. Now, the extent to which personality changes will occur are yet to be discovered through further investigation in future.

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