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You are most welcome to our blog. Yes, we welcome fellow bloggers or writers who whats to write for us. We are currently accepting high-quality content. If you are interested then you can submit your content to us directly on the following topics. We accept content in English, Multilanguage ( Bengali, Hindi, Swahili).

A) Ecology B) Pollution C) Climate Change D) Environmental Science

Writing Requirements :
Once the topic has been approved, here are some requirements to keep in mind:

1) The post should be at least 1000 words long.
2) Check Spelling and grammar.
4) No promotional URL within the content
5) No promotional keyword or anchor text.
6) Content must be original and unique.
7) We do not offer any sponsored posts.
8) Content must be relevant to the Nature Talkies.

After approval, we can ask you to send the author's image and author bio. If you have your own site or blog then we can accept it on your author bio line.

Note: This requirement is not for the paid writers. If you love Nature and want to share some stories, the idea then you are most well come.

For any kind of suggestion, issue or advice please get in touch with me: info(@)naturetalkies(.)com.