Endangered Species in the World- A bane to Mankind

Top 7 Endangered Species in the World

There were many animals and species which were once available in abundance. But gradually they are diminishing in population. Pacific Walrus for example, which inhabits between Siberia and Alaska in the Arctic seas is at the threat of extinction increasingly due to global warming.

This shrinkage in the population of many endangered species is occurring at such a rate that they are on the verge of extinction. Within a few years or so, some of the species will vanish completely.

Human beings are considered to be the biggest threat to the survival of endangered animals. Their activities include poaching, over-exploitation, the introduction of non-native species, and pollution. There are some other animals as well in the list of endangered species of the world which we are going to discuss further:

Amur Leopard: Amur Leopard has been considered as a critically endangered animal by the IUCN. It is assumed that only 70 species of the same kind exist today. These animals have got beautiful fur. Hence they are hunted and killed. Their habitats are also destroyed for agricultural practices and human settlement.

Gorillas: Two out of five gorilla species called the Mountain Gorillas and Cross River Gorillas are both considered as critically endangered species by the IUCN. There are some 900 individuals of Mountain Gorillas and only 200 to 300 individuals of Cross River Gorillas.

Orangutan: Due to mass deforestation, there has been an almost 80 percent population loss of Sumatran Orangutan in the last 75 years and hence has been classified as critically endangered species by the IUCN. Although some 6600 Sumatran Orangutans are still believed to exist on Earth, but with this trend of destruction it’s really very difficult to say how long they’ll exist.

Sea turtles: The Leatherback Turtle and the Hawksbill Turtle are the two main types of sea turtles that are classified as the most endangered species in the world. There has been a loss of almost 90 percent population of Hawksbill Turtle in the past 100 years. Hence this is also classified as endangered species by the IUCN. On the other hand, the Leatherback turtle is considered to be as vulnerable, although some subpopulations have already started facing extinctions.

Sumatran Elephant: The loss of habitat to the Sumatran Elephant due to human settlements, agriculture and deforestation of pain oil plantations in the past 25 years have been astonishing. In 2011, IUCN has classified Sumatran Elephants as critically endangered as it is believed that less than 2000 are believed to exist now.

Vaquita: Vaquita is considered as the rarest marine mammal on Earth with less than 100 individuals is believed to exist today. The sad part is it’s predicted that this species is going to extinct by 2020.

Saola: This spectacular and mystical zoological creature has been discovered in the year 1992 in Vietnam and was referred to as the Asian Unicorn. But the IUCN has adjudged this elusive creature to be critically endangered species as hardly any members of this large mammal exist on Planet Earth.

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