Fossil Fuel- An Efficient And Non-Renewable Source Of Energy

Why Are Fossil Fuels Called A Non-Renewable Form Of Energy?

A fossil fuel, as the name suggests, is a fuel made out of fossils by natural processes.They are known as non-renewable sources of energy. Although it may seem that fossil fuels were made very easily, unfortunately, it’s not so. To explain this concept, let us go back to some millions and millions of years ago.

These fuels were formed about hundreds of millions of years ago,  during the Carboniferous period. During this period the Earth was covered with many swampy forests and wide and shallow seas. A large number of plants and planktons grew in these regions. After their perishing, they got buried deep under the ground, and at the bottom of the seas.

With anaerobic decomposition of these dead and buried organisms, they started decaying underground. Over the time sediments and rocks started piling on the top of them, creating intense pressure and heat under the ground. These factors eventually lead to the development fossil fuels from the ancient dead species.

The advantages of fossil fuels are given below:

Advantages of fossil fuels:-

Fossil fuels are very useful in our day to day life. Most of the activities like cooking, running vehicles, the industrial furnace is mainly dependant on fossil fuels.

  1. Abundant in nature: Fossil fuels have been an integral part of our life for many years now. This is just because these are readily available and in place. We just need to gather the essential resources and extract what is required. For example, coal, oil are in plenty, which just needs to extracted from beneath the earth and ocean floor. Highly advanced equipment are also available for this purpose.
  2. Easy to find: Since fossil fuels occur all over the world, deep under the ground, they are easily available. All we need to do is we need to find a source of the resource. Once found, it’s guaranteed that a lot of resources can be available from the same place. Some of the other fossil fuel, in any quantity, is available to every nation and country.
  3. Efficient in energy creation: Fossil fuels generate a huge amount of energy, with the usage of a small amount of that resource. A small quantity of petroleum, for instance, creates lots of energy, sufficient to run a car for a long distance.
  4. Generate jobs: Fossil fuels are responsible for the generation of thousands of jobs. Several factories need hundreds of workers for the mining, extraction, and refinement of fuels.

Disadvantages of fossil fuels:-

Fossils fuels have got no such major disadvantage except the two mentioned below:

  1. Harmful to the environment: This is a major issue which leads to further adversities to the environment. The burning of fossil fuels from vehicles, industries, and households releases some harmful gases to the environment and air pollution. These gases cause various serious problems to the health and environment.
  2. Abundant yet limited: This point is very crucial. Although they’re abundant in nature, they have a tendency to finish and can’t be replenished soon. It will take another hundred million years to form again.  Hence they are known as non-renewable sources of energy.

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