How Do Humans Impact The Environment Positively?

What Is Ecological Balance To Influence Positive Changes In The Environment?

Human beings can greatly influence and alter the environment we live in. These effects can be both positive and negative. An ecosystem’s existence depends upon its relationship with its components and other external elements. Humans, with the industrial revolution, has terribly disturbed and damaged the ecosystem. But, with this comes awareness. This awareness has given birth to several positive influences of human beings in our existing environment.

Before discussing in details the positive ways in which humans impact the environment, let us have a look at our major negative effects on the biosphere:

  1. Industrialization and growth in population have led to deforestation.
  2. Water, land, and air are being polluted due to automobile exhausts, smoke emitted from factories etc.
  3. Many species of birds and animals have been extinct and many others are in danger due to human activities.
  4. Ecological balance has been disturbed due to the elimination of natural vegetation by humans.

The positive impact of human beings on the environment:

Management of the environment :
The ecosystem is benefitted by us through proper management of the environment. This will restore ecological balance. Disturbances and damaging activities will be reduced.

Preservation of our environment :
Governments of several nations have taken initiatives to preserve wildlife for the sake of ecological balance. Wildlife Sanctuaries and National Parks are being constructed to serve the purpose.

Environmental Awareness :
Once human beings are sufficiently made aware of the importance of preserving and protecting our environment, negative, harmful activities will be reduced to a great extent. Therefore, several awareness programs are being introduced to impart proper knowledge, particularly among youths.

Pollution control  :
Clean water and clean air are very essential. Humans are taking several initiatives to reduce air and water pollution. This is recovering our environment form negative impacts on humans in the past like acid rain.

The relationship between predator and prey:
When humans take up the role of predators, like wolves, the ecosystem is benefitted. Prey species like deer are prevented by humans from depleting the planet’s food resources.

Conserving flora and fauna of the earth:
We, humans, play a key role in this respect by setting up biosphere reserves, botanical gardens and other areas for conservation.

Afforestation :
Afforestation reduces the level of air pollution. This, in turn, will improve the quality of air that we breathe in.

Conservation of soil:
There are several methods employed by human beings to check pollution of soil, an important resource. Some of these efforts are crop rotation, contour plowing, windbreaks and terrace farming. These techniques reduce the erosion of soil.

Conservation of water resources :
We have become more protective of the resources of the earth. Water pollution is being prevented in several areas by restricting the throwing of domestic wastes and industrial wastes into the water bodies. Other new techniques such as management of watershed, harvesting of rainwater and drip irrigation are being implemented. These are required for conserving water resources.

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