How To Save Earth From Global Warming?

Fight Against Climatic Change

Global warming is a major issue. All the nations are hence quite serious about this. The Paris agreement hence is signed by several nations to curb this global warming and to fight against this climatic change. All are fighting to do every possible activity and to take every possible step to reduce the rise in temperature by less than 2 degrees Celsius. Hence the goal of the leaders of every nation is to create an Earth safe and comfortable to live in by both humans, animals, and plants. This goal can simply be achieved by reducing the consumption of items which produces maximum carbon dioxide to the environment as carbon dioxide being the main culprit behind this global warming. And we the human beings play important role in the emissions of such harmful gas. Given below are some ways to stop this global warming.

8 Easy Ways To Prevent Global Warming

Some practical ways that can be accepted by all the nations to prevent global warming are as follows:

  1. Replace Incandescent Ordinary Light bulb: Replace it with CFLs or compact fluorescent light bulbs. The energy consumption by them will be less than70% than a regular bulb and they’ve longer lifetime.
  2. Reduce, Reuse, Recycle: These three R’s is the best mantra for saving our Earth. Reduce the buying and consumption of useless products resulting in lesser wastage. Try to buy eco-friendly products if at all necessary.

Just don’t throw away and reuse plastic bottles, containers, bread ties, yogurt cups, etc. will ensure lesser purchase and lesser wastage and more productivity.

Now to save the earth try to recycle almost anything like unwanted bottles, papers, and many other things.

  1. Follow Carpool Approach: Either drive less or do carpool to save fuel to help in the reduction of global warming. If you’ve colleagues living in the same area then carpool is the best method to combine the trips. You may even walk for smaller distances. This not only saves fuel but also is a form of exercise.
  2. GoFor Solar Energy: Government is insisting more on the use of solar energy and many energy companies and government agencies are providing discounts and incentives for the use of solar power.
  3. Use EnergyEfficient Appliances: Buying energy efficient products will not only save your electricity bill related money but also will save energy and reduce the carbon footprint.
  4. Lessen The Use Of Hot Water: This will save energy a lot. Try using energy saving dishwasher and geysers for your home. Do not wash clothes in hot water instead wash them in warm or cold water.
Nature Talkies: Tree Plantation programme, 27/02/2018, Metali, Bankura.
  1. Plant More Trees: Planting trees is the best approach in reducing global warming. Plants take the carbon dioxide from nature, which is the main factor leading to global warming and releases oxygen during the photosynthesis process.
  2. Reduce Landfills Waste: These are the major sources of greenhouse gases like methane. Burning of such wastes releases toxic gases into the atmosphere which leads to global warming.

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