Interesting Facts about Termites

Facts you should know about Termites

One of the interesting facts about termites is that people often refer to termites are as the silent destroyer. The reason is that they could be hidden somewhere and thriving with no instant indications of damage. Common places in the house where they hide and grow are the basement and attic.

Though species of termites thrive in diverse climates and has diverse sorts of food, all of the termites require some basic things for surviving. They are moisture, shelter, food, and favorable temperature

The sad fact is that all homes, notwithstanding their style, can deliver these supreme conditions for termite invasion.

Termites and your home

Do you have problems with termites? You most probably are not sure. Numerous homeowners are unaware of these pests lurking as they mostly reside hidden below the ground or inside the walls in your home. With an infestation being so hard to identify, termites ensue home damage worth over an average of $5 billion in a year.

Are you wondering the way of protecting your home against these unseen invaders? Follow the tips that are given below and problems with termites will be history.

Termites are inclined to be more dynamic in warmer temperatures since they work for storing food for use during the winter time. Nevertheless, in the parts of the country that have a warm climate, they pose a year-round menace. The southern states and the states with warmer climates have more species.

Though they could be devious they leave warning indications. Pointers of a termite infestation consist of

  • Wood that has a hollow sound on being tapped
  • Paint that has cracked or has bubbles
  • The presence of mud tubes on external walls or crawl areas
  • A transitory swarm of flying insects about your home

Though treatment of termites is best left at the hands of a specialist, simple steps can be taken for protecting your home.

  • Try to maintain downspouts and gutters free of rubbles
  • Set up screens on external vents
  • Stock up firewood and timber at a distance from your residence
  • Do away with moisture by mending pipes and more home fixtures that are susceptible to leaks.

Species and cast system of termites

Roughly 45 species are present in the USA. There are over 2,300 species all over the world and this is one of the amazing facts about termites. They are community insects that reside in colonies and have caste systems. More specifically, termites are structured into diverse social classes on the basis of their responsibilities. This caste system is made up of three levels, which are reproductives, workers & soldiers. Soldier and worker termites cannot see. The fully mature termites are the reproductive termites. Only they develop eyes.

Communication, nests, food, and predator of termites

With termites living in dark areas and many being blind, they communicate via pheromones and vibrations. The nests of termites are the largest of all insects. Termites don’t “consume” wood. They digest cellulose with the single-celled organisms present in their guts. The main predator of termites is ants. They can raid colonies or workers seeking food.

One of the crucial facts about termites is that they have survived 250 million years. Their survival is attributable partly to the “royal taster system” of the queen. In this system, the workers of the colony taste & process every food prior to the queen having it.

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