Interesting Fossil Fuels Facts You Need to Know About

Fossil Fuels Have Powered the Lives of Human Beings

Natural processes like anaerobic decomposition of dead and decayed organisms are responsible for the formation of fossil fuels. So, fossil fuels are basically the remnants of dead animals and plants that are buried deep under the crust of the earth. Fossil fuels have powered the lives of human beings for centuries ever since humans have learned to use them.

Here are some interesting facts for you about fossil fuels:

  1. One of the most important fossil fuels facts that you might already know is that 85 percent of the energy used by us come from fossil fuels.
  2. The source of crude oil is underground regions called reservoirs. We can use crude oil in making several products like electricity and gasoline.
  3. Coal is mainly a combustible rock which is black in hue. It runs through the rocks in veins underneath the earth’s surface. Coal mines give miners the opportunity to go underground for removing the veins from these rocks.
  4. The burning of fossil fuels generates power or electricity.
  5. People all over the world rely mainly on fossil fuels for generation of power as the source of energy as it can easily be converted into various forms of energy.
  6. The amount of oil used by Americans on a daily basis is 18 million barrels.
  7. The quantity of raw petroleum used for producing gas of 1 liter is nearly 26 tons. It requires nearly 800 pounds of coal for powering a light bulb for a whole year. It would require decomposition of dead materials for at least 422 years for being able to replace the number of fossil fuels that human beings have already consumed.
  8. When it comes to producing electricity, the alternatives to fossil fuels are wind power, solar power, and hydroelectric power. As opposed to fossil fuels, all three of these are renewable sources of energy.
  9. If you are curious to know why the majority of the nations depend mostly on fossil fuels as the main source of energy even when it is limited and there are other renewable energy sources, there are other fossil fuels facts that you need to know about. Mining, as well as processing of fossil fuels, is extremely cheap. Similarly, converting them into energy is equally cheap. But, the renewable sources of energy are hard to convert into energy. All of the renewable sources of energy need a heavy investment for even getting the raw materials that are essential to convert them into energy that we can utilize.
  10. Fossil fuels have not just given us energy. They also give us environmental problems. Fossil fuels are accountable for most of the environmental problems such as acid rain, global warming, water pollution and air pollution that human is dealing with at present.

So, the problem with fossil fuels like coal, oil, and gas is that they are non-renewable and therefore, are limited. Though they are extremely cheap and easy to use, we have already consumed 90 percent of the fossil fuels. Hope these facts have been informative for you.

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