Major Causes Of Water Pollution

What Are The Main Causes Of water pollution?

Have you ever wondered what causes the pollution in the water, what are the effects and how to treat it? Listed below are some of the causes, effects, and treatment of water pollution.

Causes of Water Pollution

There are various reasons for water pollution. Some of them are:

  • Garbage Water And Sewage: Liquid wastes of agricultural lands, factories and households are filled with toxic chemicals and are discharged into the water bodies making them poisonous aquatic plants and animals.
  • Industrial Wastes: Wastes from industries contain pollutants like mercury, lead, petrochemicals and asbestos are extremely harmful to the environment and people. These wastes when discharged into the water bodies make them contaminated.
  • Dumping Of Solid Wastes: This causes an immense problem to the water bodies. Different solid wastes like plastic, aluminum, styrofoam, glass, etc vary in time to degrade and decompose in water, which affects the aquatic animals and plants.
  • Acid Rain: This is basically the effect of air pollution leading to water pollution. Acid rain is caused due to the mixture of acidic particles like sulfur dioxide and Nitrogen Oxide with water vapor in the atmosphere forming Sulphurous Acid and Nitric Acid. This acidic rain when falls on the water bodies make them quite harmful to the aquatic life to survive.
  • Oil Pollution: Oil spillage from tankers and ships forms a thick sludge on the waters of oceans and seas as it doesn’t dissolve in water, which makes the water unsuitable for marine lives.
  • Eutrophication: When nutrients in the water bodies rise to an extreme level it is known as Eutrophication which results in the blooming of algae in the water. The oxygen in the water also gets depleted negatively affecting the fishes and other aquatic population.
  • Global Warming: Global warming increases the water temperature which results in the death of aquatic animals and plants. This also resulted in the bleaching of coral reefs.

Treatment of water pollution

It’s very important to treat the polluted water bodies or trying to reduce the concentration of the harmful contaminants into them and thus making them fit for use. Some of the ways through which we can treat the water pollution are mentioned below:

  • Industrial Treatment: In this process, the raw sewage is treated properly in a water treatment plant and then it is released safely into the environment. The waste is passed through several chambers and various chemical processes in the water treatment plant to reduce the toxic amount.
  • Septic Tanks: In this process, the sewage is treated in the location of the creation of waste instead of treating it in any sewage system or plant. The solid and liquid components are separated and treated separately.
  • Ozone Waste Water Treatment: This method is becoming quite popular in which the pollutants in the water are broken down by the ozone generator. Their ozone oxidizes the organic material, bacteria, and other water pollutants.
  • Denitrification: Denitrification is an ecological process in which the nitrates in the gas are converted preventing leaching of nitrates in the soil.

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