Minimizing Greenhouse gas Emissions could slow down Climate Change

Climate Change Solution and Fight the Threat of Global Warming

At a global scale, the major greenhouse gases emitted by human activity include methane, carbon dioxide, nitrous oxide, and fluorinated gases. These gases trap heat within the earth’s atmosphere and make the planet warmer.

Electricity and heat production processes account for about 25 percent of the 2010 global greenhouse gas emissions. Burning of natural gas, coal, and oil during the production of electricity and heat is the leading source of greenhouse gases. In the same year, greenhouse gas emissions from industries accounted for 21% of the global greenhouse gases released. Forestry, agriculture, and other land uses accounted for 24%, transportation 14%, and buildings produced 6% of the global greenhouse gases produced in 2010. Over the years, these numbers have been increasing.

The world is at a crossroads.

We all must contain and minimize our greenhouse gas emissions so that our fishermen, farmers, and grazers can have an opportunity to feed the world. Besides, our industries will have a great opportunity to achieve sustainable growth.

To effectively address global warming (one of the major causes of climate change), we must reduce the amount of greenhouse gases released to the atmosphere. Fortunately, we have practical solutions and the right technology at hand to accomplish this objective.

As an individual, you can help by taking the right action to minimize the amount carbon dioxide or other greenhouse gases you release to the atmosphere every day. Besides, we can demand action from our leaders to support and implement an effective climate change solution and fight the threat of global warming.

Here are some of the ways of reducing greenhouse gases emissions.

  • Encourage the use of renewable energy and modify the current energy systems to one that doesn’t depend solely on coal and other fossil fuels.
  • Improve vehicle fuel efficiency and support any other solution that minimizes the use of oil.
  • Set limits on the amount of greenhouse gases that polluters are allowed to emit.
  • Focus on building a clean energy economy by using energy-efficient technology, industries, and approaches to different issues.
  • Minimize tropical deforestation and its related climate change issues.

Clean energy plan: Climate change game changer

Until a few years ago, power plants were allowed to dump unlimited amounts of carbon pollution and other related greenhouse house gases into the atmosphere. Though everyone was complaining about global warming and significant levels of climate change, there were no rules in effect to control greenhouse gas emissions.

On May 12, the Environmental Protection Agency issues three final rules to curb the emissions of smog-forming volatile organic compounds, methane, and other toxic air pollutants including benzene. These are some of the historic standards that represent the most important opportunity in decades to curb the never-ending consequences of climate change.

Well, the planet earth is facing climate change issues. And to be frank, we are to blame.

While the earth goes through cycle of warming and cooling, our actions have been dramatically speeding up these natural processes. And the consequences of our actions include gradual warming of planet earth, decrease in ice sheets, and an increased extinction of some species.

Unless we take the issue of reducing the amount of toxic substances we release into the atmosphere, this is just the beginning.

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  1. I love your article Anne. You speak so passionate about your desire to see an emission free globe. It’s a high time people realize how green house effect is affecting our lives and do the right thing. Thanks very much for bringing this issue up .

  2. Good article Anne. You speak so passionate about your desire to see an emission free globe. It’s a high time people realize how green house effect is affecting our lives and do the right thing. There is need educate people on this .

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