Pollution-A Great Threat To The world

How To Solve The Biggest Problems With Pollution

Pollution means the contaminants which lead to the adverse changes in the environment which is not good. The rate of pollution is increasing day by day mainly by several acts of human being. We need to control the biggest problems with pollution for our well being. There are several types of pollution among those air pollution, water pollution and noise pollution have the maximum impact on environment and humans.

Effects on Environment: Pollution leaves a deep impact on the environment. The emission of Carbon dioxide from vehicle pollutes the air. This is a greenhouse gas which along with other greenhouse gasses leads to Global Warming. Global Warming affects the ecosystem a lot. Acid rain is also caused by contaminants in the air which is harming the monuments and the soil texture. Several species are being obsolete because of the excess pollution level in the environment. Smog created by pollution is a dangerous thing and harms some of the plants. The infertility of the soil is also because of the soil pollution. These are the biggest problems with pollution.

Effects on human beings: Humans are suffering a lot due to the pollution. Air pollution is increasing in a rapid manner by causing several respiratory diseases to human beings. It can also cause cardiovascular disease, congestion and throat problems. Almost 80 % of water is now not appropriate for drinking. Getting drinking water is going to be a great problem in near future. People are also suffering from waterborne diseases. Greenhouse gasses cause the depletion of Ozone layer. The ozone layer protects the earth from the harmful UV ray. Now the UV rays are coming to the earth directly through the holes. It affects the human skin. It can lead to many skin diseases and even skin cancer also.

How to solve the problems related to pollution:

We need to stop the increasing effect of pollution otherwise it is going to be very difficult for us to live on earth. We have to organize few awareness campaigns first about the biggest problems with pollution. People must know the adverse effects of pollution. We must use clean fuel instead of charcoal or fossil fuel to reduce air pollution. We should dump the excess material of the industry into a particular place and if anybody will not maintain it we should report against that. We should use the eco-friendly products which can be recycled.

Every industry must possess the long chimney to release the harmful exhaust gases outside the environment. They must not release the exhaust materials into the river or near the water body. They must check the equipment regularly and replace the old ones. Old machines create more pollution.  Plastic materials should be banned totally as it can’t be decomposed. To stop the soil pollution farmers should use organic fertilizers. We need to stop noise pollution through law. Everyone has to maintain and obey the law otherwise they have to face punishment. We must plant more trees to make the environment clean and suitable for living here and fight against the biggest problems with pollution.

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